Animal welfare or animal rights?

In Dominion Over Wildlife, Dr. Vantassel instructs the Evangelical Christian to think about the scriptural, ethical, as well as scientific concerns prior to taking on an animal civil liberties position. When reviewing the phases of this book, one is convicted of the large expertise of the author in fighting for pet welfare (instead of animal civil liberties), while using Biblical foundation to drive the factor house. Guide supports its setting with a detailed evaluation of Biblical recommendations concerning animals. Instead of sustaining an animal legal rights position, requiring humans to refrain from pet use, Dr. Although it may sound unreasonable for a theologian to seek such campaigning for, it is, however, worthy to keep in mind that his advocacy for the consumptive use wild animals is made within the context of ensuring wildlife conservation. Vantassel holds two vocations; theology and also wild animals damages management, and also shows a high degree of skill as well as personal appeal in both. Through this discussion, Preeminence Over Wild animals has actually provided the supporters of pet legal rights much to consider. Especially, I recommend this book to those that attempt to misshape the scriptures, values, and scientific research in order to meet certain self-seeking passions with respect to the animal rights motion.