Dairy Cows Freshly Skinned


Horrific footage features mothers and babies: Dairy cows freshly skinned flesh ripped off of cows and loaded into truck to be transported down the street to the tanner.

Blood drips into public sewer

This happens everyday at the slaughterhouse.

The "skin-truck" travels down the public road dripping blood that is then washed away by either rain or intentional water down the public fewer system.

Cow's Skin Hangs Dripping Blood Out of Side of Truck

Cow's freshly skinned flesh hangs dripping blood out of the side of a skin-truck. The tannery is conveniently located just down the road beside this slaughterhouse in Toronto Ontario.

The truck drives like this on public property just down the street where the skins are unloaded, washed and treated to become leather products.

What Does a Rendering Truck Look Like? How does it work?

Decide to stop eating animals as you witness decapitated cow heads, intestines and stomachs fall from the slaughterhouse into the metal rendering transport carrier.
Have you ever seen one of these trucks?
Did you know what they carried inside?

Keep an eye out and you'll state to see them everywhere.

What's Inside a Rendering Truck?

Do you know what "rendering" is?

Rendering is the process that converts "waste animal tissue" (heads, legs, hoofs, fats, and bone) into both "edible" and inedible materials.

Right now, a truck is driving slaughtered animal's remains to a rendering plant where they take "edible fat materials" and heat them with steam then separate the fat from the bone with boiling water.
The final product that these animals have been reduced to will be used in human food products and pet foods.