Truck of Cow Skins

A devastating scene. A skin truck left open as the driver washed the blood off the outside of the trailer. This is a scene witnessed around slaughterhouses around the world- every single day. Ask yourself if leather is worth this?

Cow Skin Hangs Dripping Blood

Cow's freshly skinned flesh hangs dripping blood out of the side of a skin-truck. The tannery is conveniently located just down the road beside this slaughterhouse in Toronto Ontario. The truck drives like this on public property just down the street where the skins are unloaded, washed and treated to become leather products. 

Bodies of Dead Baby Calves Inside Veal Truck 

The driver didn't mean to leave the doors open and panicked when he saw me with my camera. He quickly scrambled to park and get out of his truck to close the doors to hide the horrific scene he was hiding in the back of his transport truck. 

Blood Leaks into Public Sewer

Blood pools outside slaughterhouse and drips into water drain outside. Blood drains from the slaughter-house just after skin-truck pulled away. The blood circles in pools of water before eventually draining into Toronto city water drains outside.

Cow Discards Loaded into Rendering Truck

Do you know what "rendering" is?

Rendering is the process that converts "waste animal tissue" (heads, legs, hoofs, fats, and bone) into both "edible" and inedible materials. 

Right now, this truck is driving the cow's remains to the rendering plant where they will take these "edible fat materials" and heat them with steam then separate the fat from the bone with boiling water. The final product that these animals have been reduced to will be used in human food products and pet foods.