The first time she felt love

The first time she left love. A young chicken bound for slaughter starts to shake the first time she is gently pet. She leaned her head in closer- enjoying her first touch of kindness. 

They Have No Other Choice

Chickens with no other choice but to patiently await death.

Crammed uncomfortably in the back of a truck suffering summer heat temperatures of 25 degrees.

How would you feel knowing you had no way to get out?

Chicken petrified among 10,000 birds crammed in truck

She was only 5-6 weeks old. A chicken’s normal lifespan is 10–15 years.

Jammed inside these crates, overcrowded among other suffering birds, she and the others traveled to the slaughterhouse without food or water.

She was terrified. Expressing in variation emotions of feat. She didn't deserve to die.

However, last night she was hung upside down and her throat was slit. Her body was mutilated to be packaged and sold in our stores as "food".