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Sympathy at Slaughter costs approximately $10,000 /year to operate.

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Sympathy at Slaughter costs approximately $10,000 /year to operate. With donation income approximately $6,500 /year; Sympathy is not yet sustainable.


At The Slaughterhouse- $450 /month  ($5,400 /year)
Hannah visits a slaughterhouse on over 100 occasions each year. Hannah dedicates hours two, sometimes three, times a week waiting at a slaughterhouse to document and connect with the animals bound to go inside.

Downloading, Editing and Posting Journalism- $2,500 spent on equipment
Hannah spends hours each day sorting, editing and posting footage. Sympathy at Slaughter content is updated daily and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people all across the world. Average audience: Facebook: 80,000 /week Instagram: 100,000 /week Twitter: 5,000-10,000 /week Sympathy at Slaughter footage was viewed by 1,671,849 people in 2016. We are working harder to make an even bigger impact in 2017!


Writing Blog Posts, Captions and Monthly Newsletters- $149 /month ($1788 /year)
Hannah is working 60-80 hours 7 days a week behind the scenes to maintain and grow Sympathy at Slaughter. Hannah eloquently describes her experience connecting with animals bound for slaughter on Sympathy at Slaughter social media and website blog. Sympathy at Slaughter’s Instagram captions are always original and thought-provoking quotes.

Social Media and Website Maintenance- $75 /month ($900 /year)
Sympathy at Slaughter’s website and social media accounts are updated daily. Hannah communicates with her audience and is responsive to all private messages received throughout the day. On occasion, we advertise our posts to reach a wider audience.

Exhibition and Conference Opportunities- $3,000 /year
In 2016, Sympathy at Slaughter exhibited at the Animal Rights National Conference in California and Vegetarian Food Festivals around Canada including North America’s largest Toronto Veg Fest. This year, we are thrilled to exhibit Sympathy at Slaughter again at the Animal Rights National Conference in Washington, DC. We are also exhibiting at 6 other vegetarian and vegan food festivals in Ontario in 2017!