Hannah Elizabeth

"The only thing we need from animals is their forgiveness." -Hannah


"I'll never forget the first time a pig and I locked eyes as a truck passed by me on the 401 bound for slaughter. I was a vegetarian at the time and began to advocate a meat-free lifestyle in my first year of University. It wasn't until 3 years later that I truly awoke to the realities animals suffer not only for meat but all animal products. My transition to veganism happened almost overnight- as did my effort to advocate for animals. In April of 2014 I began to seek out slaughter-trucks- inspired by the photography of Jo-Anne McArthur of We Animals- I sought to capture my own imagery of who these animals are and what they are going through. 

My efforts eventually culminated into "Sympathy at Slaughter". I have visited slaughterhouses on a bi-weekly basis for over 3 years- over 300 occasions. I document my connection with the animals and their last moments bound for slaughter. 

By following my heart and directing my energy towards speaking up for what I believe is right, my footage has reached millions of people around the world. I continue to receive messages every single day of people I have inspired to either take a closer look, adopt a vegan lifestyle or become active for animals themselves. I wish I could save every animal. It breaks my heart to let them go. However, the least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves."