Hannah offers sympathy

While documenting her connection with animals and their experience bound for slaughter

Opening eyes- Saving lives

Hannah's Approach
Convincing, considerate compelling and compassionate. Producing a rare dialogue which exposes the truth of who animals are and their afflictions bound for slaughter. Hannah is creating a massive impact speaking up against cruelty and for compassion.

Hannah's Effort
•Sympathy towards humans and animals
•Non-graphic Imagery
•Expressive Journalism
•Emotional Education
•Passionate Poetry
•Exhibition Outreach
•Inspiring individual activism and Save Movement participation everywhere

Hannah's Achievement
Hannah's footage has been viewed by millions of people all around the world.
Hannah is saving hundreds of thousands of future animal lives by influences the masses, while providing evidence of animal suffering that inspires a change of heart and mind.

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Hannah is on the front-lines daily fighting to protect farmed animals by connecting her audience to who the animals are and what they are going through.
Her footage allows each animal to speak for themselves. Hannah can not continue this important work without your support. 

Your donation makes it possible for Hannah to continue creating and sharing content that makes a difference for both humans and animals.

Photography Updated

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The Sympathy Shop is a company creating collections and closet commodities that consequent compassionate conduct. 

All designs are related to animal rights and animal protection.
Each sale helps to generate donations that make a difference for animals- 10% of proceeds are donated to animals sanctuaries. 90% of proceeds benefit non-profit Animal Rights campaign Sympathy at Slaughter.

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