Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Hannah offers sympathy while documenting her connection with animals and their experience in transport. Sympathy at Slaughter is opening eyes to save lives- making a difference for animals by capturing rare emotional expressions- both human and animal. Sympathy is drawing vital attention to the urgent need for the protection of food animals by generating the empathy required to build a massive shift in public view. 

Strategic Context

Hannah visits a slaughterhouse around the greater Toronto area 100 times each year offering sympathy while documenting who the animals are and what they are going through. Hannah has accumulated powerful documentation which has been viewed by millions of people all around the world.

Case for Change

Sympathy at Slaughter is forging a path for urgent needed improvement to the lifecycle of food animals raised, transported and killed under the lawful regulations of this country, Canada. Hannah's work will be the vehicle through which meaningful and needed change to farming, food animals transportation and slaughterhouse of animals will be accomplished. Through her documentation process and spread through social media, the awareness and push for change will continue to materialize. 


Sympathy at Slaughter seeks to achieve and sustain mainstream status as an influential creator and contributor inspiring exponential change within the Animal Rights movement. The overall vision is to utilize footage and pictorial images of animals towards impacting momentum making a positive difference to the protection and liberation of farmed animals. Sympathy at Slaughter challenges each of us, after looking at her work, to consider becoming vegan to no longer contribute to the animal's suffering. Hannah's dedication inspires her audience to become active for aniamls themselves! 


There are three critical objectives for Sympathy at Slaughter's work:

1. Memorialize⏤Hannah's work is unique in documenting the plight of farmed animals and creating footage and pictorial images of these fantastic creatures prior to "slaughter".

2. Individualize⏤Film and pictures capture the beauty of each being, allowing the masses to marvel at Hannah's images. The animals express their kindness, emotion and amazing intellect through Hannah's photography.

3. Empathize⏤Hannah's work shows how each one of the animals is so much like us; alive and aware. Hannah's uninhibited expressions remind us of a human-animal connection many had never considered possible.


  • Hannah greatly appreciates all donations and administers them with the utmost responsibility with an emphasis on practical effectiveness to maintain and grow Sympathy's impact for animals
  • Hannah communicates respectfully, and politely⏤in a dignified manner⏤with every individual she encounters at the slaughterhouse. Be it a farmer, kill-truck driver, or a slaughter-house worker; she acknowledges that the situation succeeds their own individual power
  • Hannah works in harmony with any individual or organization that supports the work she dedicates to sustain Sympathy at Slaughter