Retained Placenta Afterbirth

Despite suffering a retained placenta after just giving birth a mother is hooked up to a milking machines and forced back to her place in the milking line. The incidence of retained placenta in healthy dairy cows is 5 to 15%. The problem may be increased by abortion, difficult calving, milk fever, twin births, advancing age of the cow, pre-mature birth, inflamed placenta and various nutritional disturbances. It is normally easy to diagnose a cow with retained placenta by looking at the degenerated, discolored and unpleasant-smelling membranes hanging from the vulva more than 24 hours after calving, one can confirm a case of retained placenta.

Dinosaur is Down

Dinosaur was laying there the entire time I saw her. She appears so defeated. What happens next? They'll spraypaint her breasts green and she will be separated with the other 'dry mothers' unable to produce milk or reaching exhaustion. Soon they'll all be on those terrible trucks heading for the last horrific moments of her already suffered life.

Baby Brown

A newly born brown baby calf suckles for her mother. I feel devastated to have this opportunity to connect with her; an experience her mother has been deprived of moments after giving birth. The bond between a mother and child extends beyond our human race and is inherent in the sentience of all beings. 

Female calves on Dairy Farms

This is how female calves live on #dairy farms; Confined in isolated pens like this one from the day they are born for the first 2-3 months of their life. Dairy farmers love to call this lonely, deprived, motherless existence “individualized care.” — their mothers were trapped behind, able to smell their babies but only see the back of these glorified dog crates. They will never be together again. Eventually, these daughters will be transferred to the group pen and on to the dairy herd of suffering mothers. Their mothers will have already been slaughtered. To keep up with the absurd and unnecessary human consumption of her cow milk, she will be forced to give birth before she is 1 year old.