Buddhist Inspiration

Hannah is extremely influenced and inspired by the Buddhist teaching. Hannah majored in Buddhist Studies for 4 years at the University of Toronto where she cultivated her understanding of Buddhist theory and ideology with a focus on enlightenment (the attainment of) and compassion.

All beings tremble before danger, all fear death.
- Dhammapada 54

The first, and most fundamental Buddhist precept requires followers to refrain from killing—not just humans, but all living beings.

Buddhist scriptures encourage universal compassion. Buddhist teachings are overwhelmingly friendly toward non-human animals. There is no clear distinction between non-humans and humans in Buddhist philosophy. Buddhist moral conduct is built on the vast conception of universal love and compassion for all living beings. 

Buddhism inherited ahimsā from its land of birth, India, and added some uniquely Buddhist expressions of this universal moral ideal, such as mettā (loving-kindness) and karunā (compassion). 

In accordance with Buddhist philosophies of karma and oneness; Harm done to others is harm done to oneself, for we are all one, and we are bound by karma.

“Bodhisattvas” commit themselves to the task of saving all creatures from suffering. Bodhisattvas vow to return to the earth again and again through reincarnation, rather than disappear into nirvāṇa. They come back to suffer the trials and tribulations of life in order to help every individual of every species to escape from ongoing suffering and rebirth.