"I could never do what you do!"

The comment Hannah hears more often than any other: "I could never do what you do!"

Hannah has overcome many life-experiences to equip her with the emotional and mental skill-set she has developed and maintains in order to help animals. 

Hannah feels as though her life learning and experience has equipped her with a heightened awareness of morality and ethicality. Hannah would not have accepted this role if she did not truly believe that she has what it takes. Hannah feels as though the survival of her own suffering has resulted in her dedication to the safety and liberation of others. 

Hannah's story is darker and deeper and most- findings its roots in her experience of trauma and abuse. Sympathy at Slaughter pulses through Hannah's veins and is the most genuine expression of who Hannah is, what she has experienced and all that she has learned.

Hannah has transformed her own experience of trauma and abuse to help others the most deserving of our love and attention.