Hannah's Trauma

The definition of trauma is 

  • A deeply distressing or disturbing experience

Hannah's experience of trauma included

  • Continuous threat and experience of serious injury and violation 

  • Continuous and direct experience of traumatic events

  • Learning of the traumatic accidental event that claimed the life of her family dog-member

The loss of Hannah's family dog was sudden- as was the realization she gained shortly after. Hannah loved this animal with her whole heart. Having grown up together for 13 years- Hannah considered her family dog as a brother- a best friend. 

Upon learning about her best friends accidental death- Hannah was unable to ignore the last moments of terror and fear her dog experienced. Unbearably, Hannah wasn't there to offer any intervention, sympathy or relief. Hannah never even said goodbye. 

The mental and emotional depts Hannah explored during the process of her coping and comprehension- while suffering an intimately abusive relationship- enabled her to make a profound connection. Hannah explored this recognition of the emotional intelligence and intellectual capability of animals; coming to realize that the love she shared with one animal could be expressed to all animals everywhere.