"I have to apologize for each moment I'm there standing witness to what is happening to them."

Hannah Gregus

"Hannah's footage allows the animals to speak for themselves"

Hannah Gregus captures footage of animals inside truck arriving at slaughterhouse.

Hannah Gregus captures footage of animals inside truck arriving at slaughterhouse.

She knows that this is their last breath of fresh air and last chance to see the sun—through the holes in the sides of the transport truck.

Hannah Gregus, a 24-year-old recent University graduate who lives in Toronto, Ontario faithfully seeks out slaughter-trucks to connect with and capture footage of these desperate, often thirsty, wounded and exhausted animals last moments as the truck makes a last stop outside the slaughterhouse. 
Hannah gives them water, kindness, and apologies—apologies for what is happening to them and for the fact that she can’t give them the freedom they crave and can’t save them from the horror at the end of the trip.

Imagine what it’s like to live in other bodies and endure their transport-truck horrors.
These moments with Hannah are likely the only kindness the animals have ever experienced. 

True perspectives of animal exploitation many are not brave enough to face

Sympathy at Slaughter connects you with what happens at a slaughterhouse and who it happens to. Allowing us all the opportunity to bear witness and bring awareness to the plight of animal exploitation.

Its tempting to want to believe that the meat we eat is ethical, that our 'food animals' have lives full, happy lives and that they have experienced no pain or fear at the slaughterhouse. Yet the sad truth is that all living creatures (even those labelled 'free range' or 'organic') fear death, just as we do. No matter how they are treated when alive, all animals experience the same fear when it comes to the slaughterhouse.

"When you look inside, you see suffering you could have never imagined. "

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