We Need Your Help!

For 3 years I have dedicated myself and my time visiting slaughterhouses to offer my love and sympathy and document the stories of animals bound for slaughter. I visit a slaughterhouse over 100 times each year to expose the faces and voices of animals whose lives and suffering would otherwise go unnoticed. 

I'm asking for your help to allow us to continue to expose this powerful documentation at conferences and exhibits this summer 2017. We have a ton of impactful new resources we are thrilled to incorporate into our display. I have been working all year to collect footage that is ready for display- now I just need your help to get us there!

This fundraiser will cover Sympathy at Slaughter's booth expenses and transportation costs required to make these opportunities happen! We share and celebrate some of the most meaningful conversations and collaboration opportunities at these events- which only grows our impact for animals. 

Whatever you may contribute, I am immensely grateful. Opening eyes saves lives; I would really appreciate your support. Thank you.